Glastonbury – Looks like it might be wet!!

Well here I am stuck between festivals.  How depressing 😦 .

I don’t join the annual scramble for tickets to Glastonbury festival.  I know that those who attend this most famous of festival absolutely love it and there is no denying that it has become as much a part of british summer life, as Royal Ascot, Wimbledon, cricket and the Henley Regatta.  I prefer my festivals much smaller and more accessible.  It is the sheer number of people who attend that puts me off.  Of course along with the numbers goes the rain.  When you have 200k people gathered together in a fairly small space it doesn’t take much rain to turn the site into a quagmire and we have all seen the pictures of the mud at Glastonbury.  ImageImageImageImage

UK festival goers are a hardy lot and it takes a lot to put them off.  The music, the atmosphere and the vibe is what keeps us going to festivals year after year come rain or shine.  Glastonbury seems to attract more than its fair share of rain and I am sure that as recently as last week ticket holders were breathing a sigh of relief as the weather was set fair and forecasters were saying that it looked like a dry Glastonbury.  Unfortunately today the forecast is saying that there will be rain coming in on Thursday and Friday looks like being a very wet one.

I shall put my feet up at home and catch some of the BBC’s coverage over the weekend.  I wish everyone attending a great festival and I will keep my fingers crossed that the rain passes you by.  Have a great weekend in any event.  Have fun, take care and stay safe

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