Seasonal Scents – Summer

Todays Prompt: Seasonal Scents

It is often said that our sense of smell is our most neglected of our senses, but is this really the case?  Sit back and close your eyes for a moment.  Think back to the smells of your childhood.  The smell of your mothers perfume as you cuddle up to her, the smell of her freshly washed hair, the smell of her skin or maybe the smell of that freshly washed towel as you are wrapped in it after a nice warm bath.  The smells evoke memories, often long forgotten, they create pictures in your mind.

I like to spend my summers touring a variety of music festivals across the UK.  The sounds are many and varied but the smells are often similar.  The smell of sweat and beer mingled with the fading heat of the day and intensified as people around you dance to your favourite bands and magnified by a heightening of your senses caused by your excitement as adrenaline is increased.  The smells mingling with the aroma from the many and varied fast food stalls.  Fried chicken, curry, burgers, hot dogs, fish and coffee the smell of beer from the bar all mingling in the warm breeze to provide the unmistakable and all pervading scent of a music festival.

Of course this is the UK and all too often the weather conspires to bring us an altogether different and much less pleasant smell.   The smell of wet canvas, the stink of mud churned by thousands of feet all overridden with the stench of carelessly discarded garbage and over full portaloo’s.

Either way the scent of a UK music festival is something you are unlikely to forget anytime soon….


2 thoughts on “Seasonal Scents – Summer

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