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Back of the Queue

Todays prompt is to discuss something you always wanted to do but never got around to.

It made me smile to see this!  I hope you don’t mind but I am going to cheat (a little).

If you look at the title of my blog you will probably get a clue as to where I am going to go with this.  There were several things that came to mind immediately when I read the title.  I have always loved music and I mean always.  There was always music in my house and both my parents were really good singers.  My dad was always a working man but he supplemented his income for most of his life by singing on the cabaret circuit around the North of Ireland.  He still loves to sing and even though he is in his mid 70’s he still gets asked to compare shows.  My mum could have had a professional career had she not married and had me.

I have always been told I have a good voice though my singing was always limited to karaoke and sing-alongs at home.  I have always had a yearning to play guitar so that I could strum along to my own singing.  I had no desire to do anything other than accompany myself for fun at barbecues and so on.  It was something I continuously said I was going to do but never got around to.  No real reason other than something else always seemed to get in the way.  A year or so ago I finally got around to buying myself a guitar,  nothing expensive, just an acoustic fender.  I set out to teach myself to play using books, youtube and a fantastic website ( To my surprise I took to it like a duck to water.  A year later I can play lots of songs to entertain myself and my family and friends.  I love learning new songs and find the process really relaxing and rewarding.  Of course I now curse myself for not having learnt years ago.

The second thing I wanted to do for years was to buy a camper Van.  Its easier to say what put me off this.  They are VERY expensive.  I always promised myself I would buy one when I retired but had a conversation with a friend a few years ago and he offered some very sage advice.  “Don’t put it off” he said.  Of course he was right.  We all spend far too much time in our lives finding reasons NOT to do something.  My advice to people is that if you want something find a way to make it happen.  I got around to buying my van about 3 years ago and, aside from marrying my wife and having my lovely son, it is probably the best thing I ever did.

My family, my friends, my dogs, my van, my guitar, my music.  Add them all together and you find happiness and contentment.



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