Daily Post – Be careful with that Axe!

Todays Daily prompt is close to my heart. We are asked to talk about our relationship with a musical instrument.

Today prompt feels almost like cheating to me.  After all I mentioned the subject a couple of days ago  during the Back of the queue challenge.

For many years I have wanted to play guitar.  Music has always been incredibly important to me, I grew up in a family of singers and I have been attending gigs and music festivals for as long as I can remember.  In May of 2013 I was at  gig with my wife and remarked to her that I really wanted to learn to play guitar.  A few weeks later we were watching a friends band perform when I made the same comment.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy wife turned to me and said “you have been saying that for years, stop talking about it and do it”. Three days later I went out and bought my first guitar.  A Fender acoustic.  Now it wasn’t the most expensive guitar in the shop.  In fact there were instruments costing 10 times as much.  I tried a few out but when I got my hands on the Fender it just felt right, the lines, the colour, the feel of the instrument in my hands, the deep rich and timorous tone just felt right.  This was the guitar for me.

The coming weeks saw me taking lessons and found me spending countless hours trying to master chord shapes and to find a tune.  I quickly realised that formal lessons were not for me.  Too structured, too focused on grade exams and progress was too slow.  I started to work from internet lessons and books and spent a huge amount of time practising putting chords together.  I won’t pretend it was easy but with hard work I found that after a few months I could play enough chords to build a small repertoire of songs.  Today, a little over a year after starting I find that I can play over 100 songs to a reasonable standard.  I won’t pretend to be brilliant, I never will be, but I am good enough to find that my friends and family like to listen to me.  My wife now says that she finds it unbelievable that I have improved so much in a year and my best friend just last weekend said that my playing “blew him away”.

I ring my guitar playing, fun, rewarding and relaxing.  Now of course I ask myself why I didn’t start playing until I passed my 50th birthday.





6 thoughts on “Daily Post – Be careful with that Axe!

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  5. Mama Cormier

    My husband played guitar and gave lessons when he was 14 but I never heard him play until he reached his 40s. I bought him a guitar and he took lessons for awhile. He even played with our daughter in a recital she had to organize and perform in at her arts school. Over the years he’s picked up his guitar now and then. He’s bought a couple more guitars since and recently added a mandolin to his collection. Love it.


    1. alanewart Post author

      Guitar is such a beautiful versatile instrument to play. Its not very easy to learn, but what is. Thanks for dropping into my little corner of cyberspace 😉



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