Reviving Bricks – Come down and Jam

Todays daily prompt is to explain what we would do if we inherited a crumbling pile in the Country.  Money is no object.

For me this would be a dream come true.

If you have read my blog before you will know that my passion is music, that I have suffered from depression and that I love my family and my dogs.

I would combine my passions to help others.  It is a hugely sad fact that so many people with depressive conditions end their own lives.  So many gifted people fall into depression and this can often lead to problems with drink and drugs.  Despite huge talent many gifted people suffer from low self esteem.

I would love to establish a retreat for people suffering from depressive conditions or addiction problems.  This would be free to those who came for help but as well as receiving treatment people would use their skills to support the retreat or to teach new skills to others.

Musicians could teach others to play instruments, artists could teach people to draw or paint.  Others could work to make the gardens beautiful, to grow food or to repair and decorate the house.  Residents would cook, keep house and support each other, learning new skills and increasing their self worth.

The retreat would develop to be self sustaining, environmentally friendly and would teach everyone the value of caring for each other & the environment.  Everyone would come to realise the value of living a simple, less materialistic existence, the value of stopping to appreciate all that is good in life and learning how important it is to make space just to be!

How glorious it would be 🙂



9 thoughts on “Reviving Bricks – Come down and Jam

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