Plant a seed and watch it grow

Todays daily prompt is to describe the person who has changed most over the time you have known them.   When I sat to consider this question a number of people came to my mind.  I am lucky enough to still have close friendships with people I served with in the Royal Navy as long ago as 1978.  36 years, where has that time gone?  We were boys of just 16 or 17 summers when we met and we are now middle aged men with children and sometimes grandchildren of our own.  It is probably fair to say though that my friends have not really changed, they have just got older.  We have lifelong bonds and I know that should any of us ever be in trouble the others will be there standing with us and offering a strong arm to lean on. Perhaps ironically the person I have seen change most through the years is unquestionably my son.  I have been there for just about every moment of his life, I watched him come into the world and I have watched him grow into a kind and thoughtful young man.  He is popular with his peers, has a wide social circle and has rarely caused my wife or I a moments grief.  Of course, as a 16 year old boy, he has caused us plenty of frustration as he matures and stretches his boundaries.  This is to be expected of course.  That said he has never been in any trouble either at home or at school. At times I would like him to try harder to succeed at things, but he is naturally very laid back and relaxed.  He takes things in his stride and has a balanced outlook on life.  He is mature for his age, like me he loves his music and to my delight he still enjoys spending time with his parents at festivals and the like. He is often keen to please.  He worked so hard as a 10 year old boy to become a qualified scuba diver so that he could dive with me.  As part of his course he had to tow a 250lb man through 50m in a swimming pool, no mean feat for a 10 year old who weighed less than 70lb. He does well in school, he could do better of course but he is pretty much an ‘A’ grade student.  I remember well the day he received the news that he had passed the entrance examinations for out local selective (Grammar) school.  He had worked so hard and to see him succeed almost made my heart burst, I was so proud. He is now fast approaching the time when he will have to give serious consideration to his future career.  Who knows what direction he will choose.  I only wish to see him grow and to be happy with whatever direction his life takes. Yes, my son has changed immensely, from a mewling babe in arms, to a fine young man.  I am sure he will continue to change as he matures, no doubt marrying and having children of his own.  Can I say that the change is for the better.  Tough question.  I have loved every moment of joy that his life has brought my wife and I.  I hope that this will continue long into our old age.  I can’t say any particular time has been better than others as he has grown.  We simply laugh with our children’s joy, cry with their pain, wish them every success in life and hope that they make their own way in the world. Not better, not worse, just different.


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