Only at a Festival!!

Todays Daily Prompt asks us to consider head turning snippets of over-heard conversations.

The following are little snippets that you are only ever likely to hear at Music festivals 🙂


  • Mum to 8 year old daughter whilst shopping “No darling we have plenty of henna and glitter. Actually, we had better get some more feathers for festi-fairy
  • “He’s over there”
    “Behind the zebra, next to the two guys in wedding dresses”
  • Following was at 1 in morning in main arena
    “I will see you here at 10.01 . . 01! To get our face painted ok? OK???”
  • “I can’t have vodka at half ten in the morning!”
    “Pint of Amber then?”
    “. . . . . .yeah”
  • “I’m trying to find the falafel/humus/halloumi wrap place but it seems to have turned into a Tibetan vegan curry house this year”
  • “I think I left one of my shoes in the Bimble Inn. Or the Big Top” (how do you get from one to the other without realising you only have one shoe on?)
  • “Is it Saturday or Sunday?”
  • Discussing a band called “The Barsteward sons of Val Doonican”.  Lady next to me “are they really the sons of Val Doonican?” Me, “yes apart from Alan who is his daughter”, Lady oh, I see.
  • Man and woman Having an argument…Her “You never Bloody listen to a word I say”  Him in reply “Of course not I married you”!

Great stuff.  I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.



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