The Glass Child – I’d like to remain a mystery -Album Review

I posted a few days ago about having discovered the music of Charlotte Eriksson – “The Glass Child”.  Charlotte is giving away an acoustic version of her album “I’d like to remain a mystery” free as a download.  You can download it here.

I promised I would review the album after I had listened a few times and as a result I have had the album on constant play for the last few days.  Now I love acoustic music, if music works in a stripped back acoustic fashion then it works at every level.   What you get here is a great collection of songs delivered with passion and belief.  The lyrics and the incredibly powerful vocals are showcased supported as they are by simple guitar or piano arrangements.

When Eriksson sings “I cant live this unfree, too many things I want to be, I need to go after my dream I’m sorry, I think I have to leave” the beginning of the opening track “Best part of me” you know that you are in for a very emotional ride.  Glass child Give-Myself-lyric

When the second track ‘Consumed by you’ opens with the lyric “I’ll lay the Devils Curse on you, for all those years you put us through” you realise that there is a real emotional investment in these songs.  These are songs of life and love, joy and bitterness, people and places.  They are delivered with passion, honesty and total belief and yet underneath it all I sense a element of vulnerability.

“Letdown” tells a story of a frightened and vulnerable girl, willing to change everything about herself to win approval from a lover.  That vulnerability is also present in “Give myself away”.  As the album moves towards it conclusion you sense a stronger presence, someone who has faced their fears and overcome them, someone with the confidence to state that “When you are left alone, just hold on, I will lead you home”.  You sense that here is an artist with a growing belief and determination, someone who is prepared to chase their dreams.

Eriksson’s vocal delivery is very powerful and versatile.  When the content was bitter I was reminded of Alanis Morissette when she was at the height of her angst ridden powers.  Several of the tracks on this album would be perfectly at home on Jagged Little Pill.  During the more tender moments I was reminded of Bjork and the full band versions of some of her songs would have worked well had they been released by Swedish pop-rock superstars Roxette.Glasschild1

This is a simply superb collection of songs.  I urge you to please please please treat yourself to a download of this album.  It’s free what do you have to lose?  Give it a couple of listens and when you fall in love with it as much as I have then go back to Charlottes website and make a donation or buy some of her music.  You will not regret it.

I for one am counting down the days to 21st October when ‘The Glass Child’ releases her new album.  I have it pre-ordered.  Maybe you will too 🙂  I hope that this will be the release that helps this really talented artist to break through the glass ceiling and get the recognition she so richly deserves.  Look out for my review of the new album “I Must Be Gone and Live, or Stay and Die” at the end of next week.

Nb.  The photographs on this page are taken from the artists website.  If either the copyright owner or the artist would like them removed then please let me know and I will happily remove them.


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