Out of Breath – The daily post

Todays daily prompt is to talk about the busiest day we have had in the last decade.  My busiest days in a longtime came at this years Larmer Tree Festival where I was working as a photographer whilst at the same time interviewing artists for this blog and trying to spend time with my wife 🙂

Larmer Tree Music festival

its Friday, its hot

rise early, eat quickly

photographs to take on Larmer Lawn

people relaxing

Doing tai chi

not me

I’m in a rush

photo’s to download

edit, save and pass on

for festival publicity

in a rush

three interviews, then

photographs to take of

children at play

bands to see

Celloman, hackney colliery band

We were evergreen,

Beans on Toast

met Frank Turner



Frank turner


Matthew and me

Dub pistols

Thunder storm

rush back to the van

through pouring rain

write up the days events

all for my blog

15 hours on my feet

forgot to eat

fell into exhausted sleep

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