The Snow Storms in the USA – It’s not me, its you.

I am saddened today to see that at least eight people have lost their lives in the amazing snow storms that have hit the USA.  It is truly a tragedy how mother nature can cause so much devastation when she flexes her muscles like this.

That said today on the UK television news I saw this picture;


Now seriously, most of the state has been hit by up to 6 feet of snow.  Please give me a clue, why are you trying to dig out your car?  Just where exactly is it that you think you are going to go?  Most of the roads look something like this.


Now seriously just what are you trying to achieve?  Spare a thought for the emergency workers who will be trying to reach people in need, the elderly, the infirm and those at risk.  Maybe you should go check on your neighbours, see that they are OK, help them out.  Forget about your damn car until the thaw sets in.  One of us is a candidate for a Darwin award, and guess what?  It ain’t me!


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