Kasabian – Bournemouth International centre, 25th Nov 2014

Last night saw Leicester’s finest Indie Rock band, Kasabian, roll into town with a show in support of their 48:13 album release.  I have been looking forward to the gig for some time.  I had requested a Photopass from the Bands PR agents but didn’t even receive an acknowledgement of my request.  I do realise that each company has their own way of working and that some work through agencies but it costs nothing but 15 seconds of someones time to send a polite negative reply.  Simply ignoring messages is rude and just pisses people off.

Anyway, to the music.  Kasabian were supported by London based Indie band The Maccabees who played an excellent 45 minute set of about a dozen songs.  Now I have never seen the band before but they come over really well live.  Their set drew on all of their back catalogue and they included a few songs from their forthcoming album.  I recognised a few songs from their first album, in particular, Toothpaste Kisses, ‘First Love’ and ‘Precious Time’ .  I can’t claim to know a huge amount about The Macabees but on the strength of this performance I will be digging deeper into their catalogue.  They certainly worked the crowd and got everyone pumped up for the main event.

Kasabian hit the stage at 9pm and opened with ‘Bumblebee’ a track from the new album, it has been a staple of the setlist on this tour and it immediately got the crowd on side especially as Sergio leap onto monitors for guitar parts and generally wound the crowd up.  To be fair it wasn’t hard to get the crowd going because they were right up for it from the off.Kasabian

I may be becoming a bit of a curmudgeon, but considering that kasabian have been around for a fair time now the vast majority of the audience were in the 16 – 21 age bracket.  Now I enjoy a crowd who get right into the gig, jumping, bouncing and really enjoying themselves.  That said it really pisses me off that some people seem to think that climbing on their mates shoulders to block the view of everyone behind them, crowd surfing so they can kick as many people in the head as possible and trying to push their mates to the floor in a packed arena is an acceptable way to have fun.  Sadly there was a lot of this last night and the event security did nothing to stop it.  I would be lying if I said it didn’t affect my own enjoyment, it most certainly did.

Along with the opener we had a total of six songs from the new album with Bow, Clouds, Eeez-eh, Stevie & Treat all getting an an outing.  We also had five songs from ‘Lunatic Asylum’ including brilliant versions of ‘Fire’, ‘Vlad the Impaler’ and especially ‘Thick as Thieves.  It was clear throughout that both crowd and band were having a great time. Both Sergio and Tom having fun and whipping the crowd into a frenzy.  It has to be said that Kasabian really do put on an excellent show, the lights and theatrics were great, the energy didn’t drop for a moment throughout the set.  The show was played out in front of a huge active screen, this was fun to keep an eye on but didn’t distract from the band, in truth more could probably have been made of it.Kasabian2

The show drew to a close after 21 songs and 1:45 sending an exhausted crowd home very happy.  This was a very very fine evening of Indie Rock, showcasing a band having a good time on the road and at the peak of its powers.  Long may it continue.

The set list for those interested in such things:

  1. Bumblebee
  2. Shoot the Runner
  3. Underdog
  4. Where Did All the Love Go?
  5. Days Are Forgotten
  6. Clouds
  7. Eez-ez
  8. Cutt Off
  9. Thick as Thieves (Including ‘People Are Strange’ ending)
  10. Bow
  11. Goodbye Kiss
  12. Club Foot
  13. Re‐Wired (Including ‘Word Up’ Interlude)
  14. Treat
  15. Switchblade Smiles
  16. Empire
  17. Fire
  18. Stevie
  19. Vlad the Impaler
  20. Praise You (Fatboy Slim cover)
  21. L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)
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