I love free write tasks.  I don’t know why but they always arrive just when I am in the mood for a streams of consciousness piece.  I had already been stimulated this morning, unsurprisingly by a piece of music I listened to when I was on my daily dog walk. I was at a gig on Tuesday evening and the support act was a young folk singer named Will Varley.  I got talking to Will after his set and he asked me to write a review on his latest album.  Regular readers will know that i do a lot of album reviews and was delighted to be asked to do this one.

As I was listening to the Album “As The Crow Flies” I got to a track called ‘When You’re Gone’ the song starts with two amazing lines;

“Well her eyes were as wild as a Cornish storm,

Her heart like the cliffs, all battered and worn”

What a stunning lyric!  It throws up images of a wild eyed free spirited stormy and angry woman.  I see bright blue eyes, touched with anger, perhaps in the midst of an argument.  Her anger perhaps a response to mistreatment or hurt over years.  Treatment that has worn her down and that has bruised and battered her heart, shaking her ability to trust and to love.  Perhaps she has had a succession of painful blows in her life, small painful things that over tie have eroded her self worth and confidence in the way that the seas gradually wear down those wild windswept cliffs.  Is she standing on the edge of a precipice, a personal conflict.  Is there a crisis that has her on the edge of a wild Cornish cliff as the storm batters the Coastline?  Is she standing there today as a wild atlantic storm approaches the UK, the effect of a so called ‘weather bomb’ that is due to arrive later today?

Isn’t it amazing what one or two well written song lines can through up.

Sing out here if you want to be heard!

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