Sweet Lydie Masonic Are Unreliable and Ignore Complaints

I am saddened to be writing this post and to be honest I am very surprised to find myself in this situation, but after a number of requests and e-mails to Sweet Lydia Masonic I find my message and complaints being totally ignored by the owner John Bate.

I was installed as a Knight Templar last Friday evening 5th December.  As my installation date was confirmed I obviously needed to buy a full set of Knight templar Regalia.  As any Knight will know this is no small outlay.

I had seen Sweet Lydie advertising on Social media and found their prices competitive.  I noted a warning on the website that advised contacting them if items where required in a hurry.  I contacted Sweet Lydie on 6th of November and was assured that I would receive my regalia in plenty of time.

By November 30th I had neither received any Regalia nor had any contact whatsoever from Sweet lydie.  As you can imagine I was by this time quite stressed and apprehensive so I e-mailed asking for some reassurance.  I was told that everything was on its way.  This was clearly untrue.  In the end I had to scramble around borrow Regalia for my installation and to date I still do not have all of my regalia.

Over the Course of the past week I have e-mailed Sweet Lydie on four occasions and not one of my messages has been acknowledged much less answered.  There is no phone number for the company, just an e-mail address.

Now I understand that things can sometimes go wrong, it happens.  It is often said that the test of a retailer is how they deal with customers when things do go wrong.  Very often an apology and explanation is all that is required.  What is totally unacceptable is to ignore customers complaints and to simply not communicate.

As all attempts to resolve the issue have been ignored by Sweet lydie, sadly I now feel the only option left to me is to go public with my complaint to try to get a response and to warn others that they should think extremely carefully before doing business with this company.

Sing out here if you want to be heard!

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