Foo Fighters Live

Foo Fighters Smash it in Johannesburg

The mighty Foo Fighters are the latest band to make a huge splash in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Just a few years ago, whilst the cultural boycott was still in place, South Africans could never have dreamed that bands as important as the Foo Fighters would be playing in their country.  Thankfully those days were consigned to the past with the end of the apartheid era.
Many of the worlds biggest music acts now stop off in South Africa.  Eye Witness News reports that last night Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters delivered a mind blowing performance to over 50,000 screaming fans.  Victoria Campbell – Gillies Reported that:
“Lead singer Dave Grohl burst onto the stage holding none other than his signature Gibson guitar, playing the unmistakable chords of All My Life.  Grohl’s vocals did not disappoint for a second, clearly proving his title as rock god, while Taylor Hawkins delivered an incredible drum solo”.
Starting with the snorting “All My Life”, the Foo Fighters powered through the hits they produced over the last 20 years, with the 45-year-old Grohl often stopping to remind the crowd they were in for a very, very long night.   Indeed they were because the Foo Fighter, supported by the Kaiser Chiefs played for over 3 hours.  They delivered a high octane set which drew from the whole of the Foo Fighters back catalogue.


Foo fighters live, Photographer unknown

According to The Citizen they even found time to throw in covers from ‘Cheap Trick’, The Rolling Stones and Queen/David Bowie.  It was approaching midnight when the Foo Fighters drew their blinding set to a close with “Best of You” which ended with silence on the stage and with the entire crowd singing the lyrics.  A wonderful moment that will live long in the memory of every foo fighters fan lucky enough to have witnessed a magnificent show.
The Foo Fighters had absolutely smashed it conquering the adoring South African fans.  Grohl said that the Foo Fighters will return to South Africa, they will certainly be welcomed back.
The Foo Fighters have now embarked on a world tour that will take in South America, Australia and New Zealand before they arrive in Europe in May.  There are strong rumours that the Foo fighters are lined up for a headline slot at 2015’s Glastonbury Festival.  This is one fan that certainly hopes so.  Foo Fighters live
At the conclusion of the European tour the band kick off the North American leg of the tour on Independence Day at Washington D.C’s RFK Stadium.  They will certainly be worth catching if this triumph in South Africa is anything to go buy.

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