A Day Of Contemplation

Today is a funny day, I mean funny strange funny rather than funny Ha Ha.

I got up early today and took the dogs to the beach in the hopes of a spectacular sunrise.  Meh, flat calm sea, flat grey clouds that the sun only poked through for a minute or two.  It did not make for impressive pictures I am afraid.

Shortly after I got home the rain arrived and boy did it rain.  It has been coming down horizontal all day.  Pretty grim really.   So lunchtime arrived, feet up and watched the football (soccer) on TV.  Well it was o TV but I wasn’t really watching it as I was a little lost in thought.  Having just spent 7 weeks blogging about my list of 75  albums that everyone should own I couldn’t stop thinking about what to do next on my blog and I finally came to a decision.

Boxing day dawn-2

From 01 January 2015 I am going to post one of my photographs each day.  I am keen to improve my photography so where possible I will look to explore things away from my usual subject – gig photography – so I will be looking for interesting subjects and hopefully interesting people.  It should be fun and I hope I will learn a lot along the way. 🙂

Sing out here if you want to be heard!

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