Worbarrow Bay

Worbarrow Bay Dorset Landscapes

Some days are so beautiful that they almost defy description.  Today was such a day here in Dorset. Dorset id a county of infinite beauty, and the jewel in the counties crown is undoubtably the Jurassic Coast.

I have walked huge swathes of the South West Coastal path which stretches some 630 miles from Poole to Minehead in Somerset Via Land end.  The village of Tyneham was cleared by the Army in 1943 as they wanted to use the land around the tiny village as a training ground for tanks bound for the D-Day landings.  The Villagers have never been allowed to return and the Army still uses the area for tank firing ranges.  You can get access to the village and range walks at weekends and during the School holiday periods in the summer and at Christmas.  Worbarrow bay is about a mile south of the village and is a beautiful unspoiled area.  I hope the photographs give you an idea of just how stunning this area is.

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