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Weekly Writing Challenge – Ice, Water Steam

This weeks writing challenge is to consider what it mean to be the same thing, in different forms?  To explore different facets of ourselves.

This challenge through up a host of ideas, past, present & future perhaps.  Maybe, school, work & retirement or single, married & divorced or child, youth & adult.  So many choices, so many ideas.  I eventually settled on three aspects of my love of music. the three facets of which are musician, listener and critic.

I love to play music, as a child I played flute and tin whistle to a reasonable standard.  I was self taught and learned mostly by ear.  I enjoyed playing, mostly for my own pleasure.  When I joined the Navy I stopped playing, the lack of somewhere to practice in the confines of Her Majesties war ships was a major factor and whilst I never lost my love of music I did stop making my own.  Many years later I decided to learn to play guitar.  Initially I took some lessons but in all honesty I found lessons too restrictive.  I wanted to play and sing songs I knew, I had no intention of going for grading exams, I just wanted to have fun.  Once again I developed a passion for playing and over the past 18 months I have taught myself to play a long lust of songs.  I play most days and really enjoy it.

My major passion in life has always been music (after my family and dogs of course).  I have built up a huge collection of CD’s and Vinyl though the Vinyl has been packed away for many years.  These days I love the simplicity and the accessibility of streaming and downloads.  My iPod is a constant companion and with a 160Gb drive it has  over 16000 songs on it with plenty of room for more 🙂  The only downside with digital is it is far too easy to spend a fortune on music every month 🙂  Any regular reader of this blog will know how much time and effort goes into my music.  In 2014 my festival programmes and ticket stubs revealed that I have seen at least 270 bands and artists this year, quite a haul in anybodies book.  I am looking forward to having an attempt to surpass that record in 2015.

The final facet of my musical self is as a music critic.  The primary reason for the existence of this blog is that I wanted to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences of my music listening with anyone who cared to listen (or read).  Creating this blog has been a massively uplifting experience.  I have gained over 1200 followers, have written almost 500 pieces and reignited my love of photography.  My career as a reviewer is still very much in its infancy but it has lead to me writing for an online music magazine ( and even to paid writing work with U.S. based online magazine  All this in six short months.  I find the WordPress community incredibly helpful, sharing and caring but above all they inspirational.  That inspiration has driven me on to use my creativity as a means of coping with my depression and it has even lead to me earning some cash to supplement my pension.

They say that if you can earn some money from doing something you love then you are really in a good place.  So thanks to my music and thanks to the WordPress community the three facets of my musical personality have come together in a hugely positive way.  Happy days.

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