Nick Mulvey

Folk Singer Nick Mulvey Feels Sick That David Cameron Is A Fan

It is with an exceedingly large hint of amusement and irony that I see that todays Telegraph reports that Folk Singer Nick Mulvey feels sick that David cameron is a fan of his music.

It amuses me that the telegraph, a newspaper so well known for its pro Conservative bias that it is nicknamed the ‘ToryGraph’, ran this story, it amuses me even more that the story was published by the Telegraphs online political editor, Rosa Prince.

Ms Prince contacted Mulvey by twitter to ask how he felt about being the Prime Ministers new favourite artists and Mulvey responded by saying he felt “A Bit Sick.”

Poor Dave.  Of course it isn’t the first time that Cameron has been rejected by one of his musical heroes.  Both Johnny Marr and Morrissey of the Smiths have previously ‘banned’ the Prime Minister from listening to their music.

To be fair no self respecting musician in their right mind would want to be associated with the toxic brand that is Cameron’s Conservative party.  Surely the evil triumvirate of Cameron, George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith must be the three most despised men in Great Britain.  It comes to something when artists do not want to be associated with you, even by an association as tenuous as saying that you like their music.

Well fair play to Nick Mulvey.  He isn’t an artist that I am familiar with but he has earned my respect through his distain for Cameron.

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