Paul Weller new album

Paul Weller Announces A New Album “Saturn’s Pattern” for 2015

In years gone by the announcement of a new album by ‘Modfather’ Paul Weller would have had me looking forward in eager anticipation to its release.  As I read the Guardian’s announcement that Weller was about to release ‘Saturn’s Pattern’ I found myself thinking “Meh, so what”.

I have followed Weller’s career since his day’s with The Jam and still rate ‘All Mod Cons‘ as one of the best albums ever.  The problem for me began back in 2010.  I had been to see Weller at the Brixton academy and he put on one of the best gigs I had seen for years.  A few short months later Weller released ‘Wake Up The Nation’ an absolutely dreadful foray into electonica.  A friend and I went to see the tour at Bournemouth international centre and sadly it was one of the worst shows I have ever seen.  Weller ignored the audience and played ‘Wake Up The Nation’ in its entirety.  He also totally trashed some classic tunes by playing the in an electronica fashion.  My friend and I left the gig early preferring the elevator music in the local pub.  Some Weller fans said afterwards that the show got worse.  2012 saw Weller release ‘Sonik Kicks’ another pretty awful foray into psychedelic electronic rock.

Talking to Uncut Magazine Weller has said that ‘Saturn’s Pattern’ which is due for release in the spring and consists of nine tracks, was a “defiantly 21st Century” record.

Weller continued, “I think it’s one of the best things I’ve done. And it’s been a pleasure doing it. There’s been no headaches, I can’t compare it to any of my other albums. I think it’s different not just for me, but different from what else is around. It’s been pretty quick, really. We did a bit of work before the summer, then I took a break because I was out on the road. We started back in October. It’s taken us a couple of months, maybe.”

Given Weller’s recent history I dread to think what that means.  I can’t say that I am bursting to find out.  I suspect this will be an album I will give a listen on Spotify but I don’t think I will queueing outside the record store  to buy it on the day of release.

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