Ed Sheeran, George Ezra & Sam Smith: The New Kings Of Bland Pop?

Just last week the official charts company announced that for the first time ever the top 10 biggest selling albums in the UK during the year were all by British artists. The three bestselling albums were “X” by Ed Sheeran, “In the Lonely Hour” by Sam Smith, and “Wanted on Voyage” by George Ezra. Sheeran sold 1.7 million albums in the UK alone and Sam Smiths album was the only album to sell over one million copies on both sides of the Atlantic.

Despite his success Sheeran was damned by faint praise when the Guardian described him as “inoffensive and vaguely credible.” The Telegraph has now joined the debate saying that

“Sheeran, Smith and Ezra are the troika of the new blandpop: sensible, whispering, career-minded male singers who make One Direction look like The Ramones.”
Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/1737726/ed-sheeran-george-ezra-sam-smith-the-new-kings-of-blandpop/#QXwmZYT88uhGeW88.99

4 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran, George Ezra & Sam Smith: The New Kings Of Bland Pop?

  1. A write-from-the-heart fan

    Ed Sheeran cannot be described as “bland”. He writes his own songs, have you even listened to his lyrics? Ed is amazing and very talented in writing, guitar and I really like his voice. First album was great, second one is good too. He writes from the heart, which is more that other singers and bands do. I am glad he doesn’t follow the formula or conform to what other artists or the music industry do. He’s being different, and being himself.


    1. The Sound of Summer Post author

      Hi and thanks for your comment. I appreciate it.

      I don’t agree with you of course. Sheeran is clearly one of the music business’s nice guys and I wish him every success. I also credit him as a very good songwriter.

      However Sheerans music is safe, inoffensive and on the second album formulaic. That’s why he is so popular with the early teens.

      Sheeran is the sort of artist I would take my mum too.

      I like my music raw, edgy and controversial. The most edgy thing Sheeran has ever done was to wear odd socks.

      Music’s great gift is that we all have opinions and different tastes. 🎶😀


  2. The Sound of Summer Post author

    Funny enough I quite like Ed Sheeran, his first album was pretty good, second was OK. Thing is there are so many brilliant bands around on the festival scene. Top quality acts who will never get a break because they don’t fit into the ‘Simon Cowell’ mould of safe, scripted, formulaic pop.

    I don’t mind Snow patrol, but would happily drag coldplay and Elbow into the street and shoot them
    If you like Sheeran check out this Kid. Amazing artist.


  3. motherhendiaries

    Haha! Made me chuckle… but I have to admit to being a blandpop fan. I like Ed, and especially George Ezra! But then, I’m a girl, and the hugest Snow Patrol fan on the planet. No, seriously. I actually am. 🙂 I know, they have been dubbed Dad music. But I don’t care. Like a lot of Adult Alt artists, what is NOT in the charts tends to be the best stuff. So George and Ed? They’re ok by me… I can add them to my AA corral. Right alongside John Mayer.



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