CATFISH and the Bottlemen

Catfish And The Bottlemen: Make U.S. Television Debut On Letterman

Catfish and the Bottlemen are a hot tip to take the UK music scene by storm this year.  The band are based in Llandudno, South Wales and had a busy year in 2014 where they played over 30 festivals including Reading where I inexplicably managed to miss them.  September saw the band release their debut album “The Balcony” and they won the BBC Introducing Award for new talent at the inaugural BBC Music awards

Clash music says

Catfish And The Bottlemen’s sound seems so fully formed that it’s difficult to reconcile yourself to the fact that ‘The Balcony’ really is their debut record.

Its 11 tracks are filled with choruses made for stadium sing-alongs, walls of crunching guitar and the kind of lyrics that will strike a chord with any teenager struggling with unrequited love or small-town boredom.

While there’s nothing particularly original or ground-breaking about this debut, CATB is a band that’s mastered the art of writing tunes that connect with an audience, and at a time when commercial rock is, apparently, at a particularly low ebb, that could serve them very well.”

I found the album easy to listen to and accessible, the musicianship more than adequate.  A fairly light style of radio friendly pop Rock, perhaps a little reminiscent of bands like the Kooks.  Enjoyable but not earth shattering or blood stirring.

The band are currently in the USA where their album was released earlier this week.  They made a promotional appearance on the Letterman show and their performance seemed to go down well.  Check out the video and see what you think,  leave a comment and let me know.

[Image – Clash Music]

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