fall out boy

Fall Out Boy To Tour The UK In October And I Score Max Dad Points

Chicago Pop Punk band Fall Out Boy are on their way to the UK this Autumn for a seven-date arena tour in support of their forthcoming album American Beauty/American Psycho.

The last time Fall Out Boy played a pre-arena-tour club show they took to the stage in balaclavas, like a crack squadron of insurrectionist pop-punks abseiling through the windows of popular culture’s embassy after five years in the wilderness.  Despite lyricist Pete Wentz’s history of drugs, divorce and depression, Fall Out Boy always sounded more like a punk pool party.  It’s probably fair to say that in the search for commercial success FOB are more Pop than Punk these days but their shows are bound to pack a punch.

Last evening saw an excited son bouncing down stairs from the cave that used to be his bedroom asking me to buy tickets for him and three os his pals.  So once again, 9am this morning, saw me glued to an online ticket retailer’s website waiting for tickets to go on sale.  Successful purchase of 4 tickets for the gig in Bournemouth resulted in one happy son, three happy friends and maximum Dad points for moi 🙂  All in all a great mornings work.

Sing out here if you want to be heard!

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