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Pink Floyd: Nick Mason Says Apple Got Off ‘Scot Free’ Over The U2 Debacle

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason says Apple got off scot free after they collaborated with U2 to force ‘Songs of innocence’ onto unsuspecting iTunes users.   Rolling Stone says the Pink Floyd legend told GQ Magazine that U2 bore the brunt of the criticism despite Apple paying the band a reported £50 million for the rights to the album.

Mason did admit that he would have taken Apples money but he was scathing in his criticism of the technology giants who he blames for devaluing music.  Mason said that Pink Floyd had made their music available on the streaming service ‘Spotify’ in 2013and it was this medium rather than iTunes that was likely to be the future.  Cult of Mac states that Mason kicked apple hard and right where it hurts when he said that iTunes was now rather passé.

Whilst Spotify may make sense for big name acts like Pink Floyd the service does very much split opinion.  Brit pop Idol Ed Sheeran credits Spotify with the success of his career.  He is the most streamed artist on the service, his latest album “X” has been streamed over 430 million times and he has over 900 million hits overall.  This has netted Sheeran a cool £7 million.  Mason acknowledges that the numbers using the service mean that the sums don’t add up for most artists because the rate paid is pitiful.

Spotify announced this week that 15 million of its 60 million users are paid subscribers but the Pink Floyd star said

“What we need is another 2 or 3 billion people using it, then it would make more sense for musicians.  At the moment, the pay-out, particularly for unknowns and only slightly knowns is…pathetic.”

Pink Floyd is certainly not saying, ‘We won’t do it like that’. We’ll stream, but we’ll stream with higher quality audio, and with a lot more video or other graphic interfaces that will make it part of a fuller entertainment experience.”

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