Hey You! Yes you! What’s going on? Depression Bit Me

Hi everyone,

I thought I would just spend a few minutes explaining what on earth is going on in my life at present.  I kicked off a post-a-day photography challenge at the turn of the year and I am pleased to say that I have managed to keep up to date with that.  Other than that meaningful blog posts have been few and far between and I thought I would just explain where I have been.

Firstly the bad news.  I think many of my regular readers know that I suffer from depression.  I regret to say that this month has seen me have a bit of a crash, this after a fairly lengthy period of feeling very well.  I won’t go into any depth about why I crashed, suffice to say that a couple of things happened over Xmas and early in the new year that were indirectly responsible for my crash.

The fact that these things happened at this time of year is very significant because they coincide with the darkest time of year and I,, like many others who suffer from depressive disorders, tend to feel low at this time of year anyway.  Trust me when I say that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is very real.  Being really busy over Xmas and New year and then my wife being away for a week visiting her mother lead to me being exhausted as we reached the middle of the month.  Part of this was as the result of me not finding time to practice my mindful meditation.  Thankfully I recognised what was happening and got on top of things quickly and I have now stabilised and am feeling better again.

Now for the good news!  I am now writing professionally and getting paid for it. 🙂  I am writing for Inquisitr, a U.S. based news aggregation service.  The service runs on WordPress so I was (thankfully) already familiar with the format.

After retiring as a result of my depression at this time last year working for Inquisitr is perfect for me.  I can do as much or as little as I wish and there are no deadlines to meet.  I can also select what i want to write about so generally I can select music based news stories and other things that interest me.  In essence I get paid for blogging.  It is amazing to think that starting a blog on WordPress has lead indirectly to my getting paid for doing something I truly enjoy.

If and when I post pieces of my Inquisitr stories on this blog I would truly appreciate it if you could click through and check out the story.  Inquisitr pay scales are very fair but my pay is boosted when I get a high number of clicks so clicking through costs you nothing but boosts my stats. 🙂

The only downside of my paid work is that I have less time for blogging here but I really want to keep this site going as I have met so many great people through WordPress.

As we head into February I am pleased to say that I will shortly be getting out to gigs again so look out for reviews and photographs in the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading my blog, stay well and be kind to yourselves.


8 thoughts on “Hey You! Yes you! What’s going on? Depression Bit Me

  1. fantasticbetty2014

    Hey sorry to hear about that rough patch! I know you know that it truly is the tough stuff that makes us stronger, more humble and better able to relate to one another – appreciate your honest sharing.
    Congrats on being a truly professional writer!! How will we know which articles are for that Inquistor??


    1. The Sound of Summer Post author

      Hi Betty
      I am feeling a lot better now almost back to normal.

      I don’t put much of the inquisitor stuff on my own blog. When I do I just put a couple of paragraphs with a link to the article.

      I only post the articles I think will be of interest to my friends here. 😃


  2. joyroses13

    Congrats on getting paid to write! That is what I am striving for!! Enjoy! Sorry about depression hitting you again, I am familiar with the S.A.D syndrome, my mom suffers from it at times too. They are hoping to go to Florida for awhile this winter to get the much desired sun. Hoping things will turn around for you and the depression will lift!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Sound of Summer Post author

      Thanks Joy, I kind of expect a bit of a dip at this time of year but thankfully I am almost through it now, and my WordPress friends help.
      As you can imagine I am thrilled to be getting paid to write. It fits really well with my lifestyle and I can do it as the mood takes me at anytime day or night.
      I don’t find it stressful as I know that if I am busy doing other things I can miss a day or two 🙂 Thankfully I have a decent pension to fall back on so my writing is to pay for my festivals etc as the spring and summer comes around 🙂

      Thanks for touching in.



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