Reading And Leeds Festival – Interesting, Very Interesting

Regular readers will know that I went to last years Reading festival and I wasn’t overly impressed.  It was too crowded, too manic and too full of youngsters.  My son enjoyed it but despite finding some great bands on the smaller stages I wasn’t thrilled.

My son is desperate to go again this year needless to say I am not thrilled about the idea but I am willing to go if I am working (blogging and taking pictures).  As a result I have been watching line-up announcements as they have been coming in.

Earlier this week the festival announced that one of the headliners was to be Mumford and Sons.  Now it must be said that Mumford and sons are very much a marmite band at the best of times.  There is no in-between with them, people love them or hate them.  Me, I love them but…

Even as someone who loves the band I really can’t imagine them playing at Reading.  To say the reaction to the announcement was somewhat mixed would be an understatement.

Now its not like Reading and Leeds organisers have sat down and said, “lets book Mumford and Sons, everyone will love them.”  That said I fear that this could signal a return to the bad old days at Reading where bands where chased of the stage in a barrage of bottles and campsites were turned into a bonfire.

With Metallica the other announced headliner it doesn’t look like what the majority of the Reading crowd would normally be attracted to.  Time will tell 🙂

Sing out here if you want to be heard!

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