Rumer – Poole Lighthouse – 15 Feb 2015

International singing star Rumer opened her tour last night with a sold out home town show at Poole Lighthouse.  TRumer-Poole Lighthousehe show was in the intimate and acoustically perfect theatre at the lighthouse and it was the perfect environment to launch the tour in support of her recently released new album “Into Colour.”  

Rumer is renowned for wearing her heart on her sleeve and last night was no exception as she laid herself bare onstage.  Rumer took her audience on a very personal and emotional journey through her new album “Into Colour” interspersed with a couple of covers and a handful of hits from her debut album.  The fact that so many of Rumer’s friends and family were in the audience added to the emotion of the occasion.

Rumer Poole Lighthouse

Rumer Poole Lighthouse

The evening took us through all but one of the tracks on “Into Colour” with just “Butterfly” missing from the setlist.  The songs are beautiful, and they were sung magnificently.  Rumer is often compared with the likes of Karen Carpenter and Eva Cassidy and in truth she is is easily the equal of those two amazing singers.  Her voice carries the passion, pain and soulful emotion of her songs in a way that few have ever managed.  Rumer has faced many a personal challenge in her life and her battles with depression are well documented.  She manages to put every ounce of her painful experiences into her songs in a way that is moving, personal and strangely uplifting.

Rumer Poole LighthouseRumer confessed that she was nervous last night though you would never have known it given the power and range of her voice.  She was note perfect throughout, even when she broke down in tears before singing a two song encore with the lovely “Thankful” from her debut Album “Seasons Of My Soul“, and a cover of Todd Runrgrens “Love is The Answer.”  The only clue to her nervousness was the occasional glance for reassurance to pianist and fiancé Rob Shirakbari who co-produced the album.

Given that last nights show was the first of the tour it was incredibly slick and is sure to get even better as the singer and her band become more familiar with each other and their confidence in and with each other grows.  It was a real privilege to have been able to enjoy such a beautiful powerful and moving performance in such an intimate atmosphere.  I have no doubt that the rest of the tour will be every bit as good as last night was.  If you are lucky enough to catch one of Rumers shows you can be assured you are in for a treat.

Rumer Poole Lighthouse

Rumer Poole Lighthouse

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