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Queen Star Brian May Has Made Me Sad – Here is why!

I have been a fan of Queen since the 1970’s but last night I discovered that Brian May’s website had stolen one of my articles and as a result had a serious impact on my earnings.  As a result I wrote a polite e-mail.  Sadly no-one from Brian’s website even saw fit to reply to me.

As a result I have reproduced the message I sent to his website.  I don’t think I was anything other than polite and a simple apology would have been nice.

I now find myself both out of pocket and sad as a result of the whole issue.

Dear sir,

I am writing to make you aware of an issue I have discovered this evening.
I was browsing my Facebook feed this evening and came across a promoted post from Brian May of Queen Fame.
My eye was drawn because I recognised the image.  I clicked the link and was directed here.
What do I find?  An article written by me for Inquisitr was posted on Brian’s site its entirety including the (copyrighted) Getty Images.  The Facebook post had over 17K likes and 550 shares in less that 24 hours.
Firstly let me say I have been a Queen fan since the 1970’s and am delighted that you liked my writing enough to reproduce it.
I thought you might be interested to know the effect that reproducing the article in its entirety in this way has had on me.
My writing for Inquisitr is my sole source of paid employment since I was forced to medically retire as a result of severe depression.  Unlike most writing of this type I do not get paid for each article nor do I receive a salary from Inquisitr.  Like many sites of it’s type Inquisitr’s income is generated by advertising and its writers receive a share of the revenue generated.  In effect what this means for me and writers like me is that my earnings depend entirely on the number of people who read my articles on the Inquisitr site.
Given the number of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ that my article received on Facebook it is safe to say that the article would have generated considerable income for me this week had all those people clicked through to the Inquisitr article.  Of course I don’t know how many people read the article on your site but clearly readers have been driven to read the article on your website.  Sadly as a direct result of your reproducing my article I have lost a considerable slice of my income for this week.
I know that you are keenly aware of copyright issues because there is a large copyright notice on your site.  Brian May is someone who has consistently stood up for political fair play in recent years and yet you seem to feel that the copyright issue only works one way.
I am not here to threaten legal action or to curse and swear or make a scene.  I merely wish to make you aware of the impact your actions have had on me as an individual, one of the small guys.  I try hard to provide for my family and school age son but my illness prevents me from taking full time employment.  I can ill afford to be deprived of income in this way.
Had you published the first couple of paragraphs of my article with a link through to the Inquisitr site your actions would have had a very positive impact on my earnings rather than a negative one.
I wish you every success and happiness.
Best Wishes
Alan Ewart
I am greatly saddened by the whole thing 😦
If you would like to bring a smile back to my face please feel free to click on this link and read my original article.  Please share it with you friends too if you wish 🙂
Love and Peace.
[Image Facebook via The Guardian]

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