Mumford and Sons Wilder Mind

Mumford And Sons Announce All Electric New Album ‘Wilder Mind’

Mumford & Sons created quite a stir last month when it was announced that they would headline the years Reading and Leeds Festivals.  It fair to say that not all of the reaction was positive with comments such as “Mumford And Sons can stick their banjo’s up their arse” being far fro  uncommon.

In an unexpected move bassist Ted Dwane told Rollin Stone that their new album, Wilder Mind, due out May 4th, will be all electric.   Mumford & Sons have mostly removed their signature elements – banjo, acoustic strumming, stomping kick drum – and replaced them with U2-sized guitars, synths, spacey mellotrons and even some drum machines.

Frontman Marcus Mumford said that “we felt that doing the same thing, or the same instrumentation again, just wasn’t for us, we’ve got a broader taste in music than just that.”  Dwane added, “none of us had really any interest in doing a sort of Babel 2. It was always going to be different.”

The move is likely to win Mumford and Sons some new fans, especially among younger music fans but by ditching the folkier elements that catapulted them to fame they obviously risk alienating longstanding fans.

In a further departure songwriting for this album is more of a collaborative effort with Mumford taking more of a back seat.  So it would seem we can look forward to a new reinvented Mumford & Sons whether a change of direction will prove to be a hit with fans remains to be seen.

The new album was produced by James Ford — who has also worked with the Arctic Monkeys, Haim, and Florence + The Machine — and was put together in London, Texas, and the National’s Aaron Dessner’s studio in Brooklyn.

5 thoughts on “Mumford And Sons Announce All Electric New Album ‘Wilder Mind’

  1. motherhendiaries

    I look forward to giving it a listen… I have no problem with their former instrumentation, actually, and sincerely hope the banjo up the him does not seriously affect their concert tour… 🙂 🙂 🙂



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