David guetta

Superstar DJ David Guetta ‘I Don’t Care About Making Hits’

Superstar DJ David Guetta has insisted that he no longer cares about making hit music. The 47-year-old disc jockey and record producer has been releasing music since 2002 album Just a Little More Love but it was 2009 album One Love that brought Guetta’s music into the mainstream. 2012 album Nothing But The Beat continued the success and David Guetta has now sold over 30 million singles and 10 million albums.

With that sort of success behind him David Guetta now feels that he doesn’t need to worry so much about ensuring that he produces hits. According to Tour Dates Guetta admits that there is less pressure on him now because his last album Nothing But The Beat was ”full” of chart-topping hits. He revealed how difficult it was to go into the studio feeling that you have to come up with something that will sell well and score highly in the charts.
Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/1891373/david-guetta-superstar-dj-i-dont-care-about-making-hits/#o1cRjtBmb4L35S3E.99

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