A Post A Day Photo Challenge – March 06 2015

Hi folks,

I am taking on a challenge to post a photograph every day for a full year startingon New years Day.  Please join in by uploading a photograph of your own and leaving a pingback here 🙂

A few shots of The Fat White Family at Tuesday’s gig.  I am sharing these to illustrate just how difficult gig photography can be at times.  For the most part the stage was flooded with red light which looks pretty awful though in my view blue is worse.  The usual method of dealing with this is to convert to Black and White as the blue and red dominated shots can look really dramatic in B & W.  This particular venue complicates things further still with bright white spotlights behind the artists which can make focussing really difficult.

Let me know what you think 🙂

Fat White Family-4 Fat White Family-3 Fat White Family-1

2 thoughts on “A Post A Day Photo Challenge – March 06 2015

  1. fantasticbetty2014

    Alan, I like these photos very much! The strong and vibrant colors really shows the power and intensity of the musicians; these pix are full of life and energy in my opinion. I think they would be flat in black and white so I disagree with your comments but you are the photographer after all – for me, these are winners!!
    Happy days!!



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