Mumford and Sons

Mumford And Sons – Believe (From A Wilder Mind)

I confess I have a weak spot for Mumford and Sons.  I loved their Folk – Rock sound, their creativity and their willingness to do something a little different.

A few weeks ago it was announced that Mumford and Sons would headline this years Reading and Leeds festival and shortly afterwards it was announced that their forthcoming album would be all ‘electric’.

It promised to be an interesting departure.  Then the band released a video of ‘Believe’ from the forthcoming album.

It must be said that if this song is anything to go by then it is certainly different, sadly not in a good way.  If Marcus Mumford’s goal was to turn Mumford and Sons into a second rate Coldplay cover act then he has certainly achieved it.

I can’t even begin to describe how awful I think this is!

2 thoughts on “Mumford And Sons – Believe (From A Wilder Mind)

  1. The Sound of Summer Post author

    I think that there is nothing wrong with trying to branch out and try something different. I think this takes them too much into the Indie mainstream. Sounding like Coldplay is where I draw my line though. Coldplay and Elbow are the two current bands that I really detest. Bland, boring, colourless dirge in my humble opinion 🙂


  2. motherhendiaries

    I was listening as I read this… and before you mentioned Coldplay, it was already in my mind. Not that I don’t like Coldplay – I love them, actually. But I understand M&S trying to branch out. Their sound was so very unique in the mainstream that it would have been so easy to be pidgeonholed as “those guys who play banjo”… 🙂 I actually like this track, but it could have been done by anyone. Maybe it will grow on me. Definitely Coldplay-esque, though… big time!



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