The Voice

The Voice: Seriously Brooklyn Why Would You?

Lets be clear.  I am not a fan of The Voice, nor am I a fan of Reality TV ‘talent’ shows in general but the whole concept of the  The Voice is one that leaves me scratching my head in total bewilderment. For those who are interested in such things The Voice, as I understand it is some kind of third class rip-off of a second class TV show – The X-Factor.

Now The Voices selling point seems to be that the judges do not see the artists as they face away from them whilst they perform and they therefore select their acts based on their voice alone.  Really?  Does anyone actually believe this guff that is trotted out by the BBC?  Does anyone actually think that the acts are never seen by the judges during rehearsals, studio preparation etc etc.  Seriously.

Anyway enough ranting.  I shouldn’t really get into dissing a show that I have only ever seen half of one episode of.  I was fascinated to see in todays press that one of the contestants on the current season of The Voice thought it would be a good idea to try to impress the judges, mentors and public by singing a rap version of a Disney song!

Now another confession, as my son is nearly 17, I may be one of the few people on the planet who has neither seen the Disney movie ‘Frozen.  Nor had I heard, prior to today, “Let It Go” a song from the movie.

Now I appreciate I am making a huge assumption but I suspect that the target audience for the Voice is over 5-years-old?  So it was with a kind of morbid fascination that I went to you tube in search of a video of The Voice contestant Brooklyn Lammiman performing her version of a disney song.

What I found left me scratching my head.  What in the name of god are The Voice thinking?  Who from The Voice thought this was a good idea?

According to Telly Mix Voice mentor (your name is William for christ sake) thought Brooklyn’s performance was special.  He said described Brooklyn as a “magical little creature” and said of the song choice: “Put it on freeze, stay cool! I’m happy she chose that, it shows me how daring and adventurous she is.

“The fact that she raps is a great skill [but] you’ve got to perfect those transitions from singing to rapping.”

It has to be said dross like this being dressed up is talent is absolutely the reason why I don’t watch programmes like the Voice.  The sooner the BBC and the public wise up and get this sort of low-brow crap off our screens the better.  I understand that after this car crash performance the Lovely Brooklyn is on her way back to the hairdressers for work on Monday.

Sing out here if you want to be heard!

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