Sick One Direction Fans Sink To A New Low For Boy Band Fandom

Many One Direction fans were devastated today when heart-throb Zayn Malik announced he was quitting the band with immediate effect. Inquisitr readers will be aware that rumors were rife that One Direction were likely to be reduced to a foursome when Malik flew back from Thailand last week leaving his One Direction band-mates to continue their world tour without him.

3 thoughts on “Sick One Direction Fans Sink To A New Low For Boy Band Fandom

  1. joyroses13

    This is very disturbing!! I will admit I have had personal experience with self harm with my daughters and it wasn’t over nothing so STUPID as just being upset that a singer you like is leaving. It was from true emotional pain! Self harm is wrong, no matter the cause, BUT is more understandable considering the cause. BUT should defintiely NOT be promoted as something to do! Both my girls speak out against it now!


    1. The Sound of Summer Post author

      Promoting self harm is hideous Joy, especially over something so trivial.

      What makes it worse for me is the fact that things like this trivialise mental illness and self harm. The damage something like this can do is incalculable.

      Well done to your girls for overcoming it and speaking out

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