The Larmer Tree Festival – 10 Reasons You Should Go This Year

I make no secret of my love of music festivals, actually there is very little that I enjoy more in life than attending a music festival, especially with friends.  Festivals offer an experience quite unlike any other and once you get the bug festivals become a lifelong passion.  Festivals are the reason my blog exists.

I also make no secret of my love of the Larmer Tree Festival.  I can’t claim that I have been to all of the previous Larmer Tree Festivals but I have been to many of them and I would go so far as to say that this is the festival that bred my love of festivals.

There is no doubt that attending festivals these days can be an expensive business, especially if you are attending with a family.  If you can only afford one festival this year here are ten reasons why I think you should make it the Larmer Tree!

Start by having a look at this short video from last years festival.

So what is it that makes the Larmer Tree Festival so very special?  Here are my top 10.

  • Go to a festival and have a holiday!  The festival takes place in the beautiful Larmer Tree Gardens.  The gardens are a tourist attraction in their own right.  Situated on the Dorset/Wiltshire border it is just a short drive to Dorset’s major attractions and you can spend a full week on the site (with the appropriate ticket) allowing you to spend a few days enjoying all Dorset has to offer before the music starts on Wednesday evening.
  • Larmer Tree is compact well laid out, clean, safe and relaxed.  The camping areas are all within a few minutes walk of the festival village.  The site is brilliantly laid out spacious open and stunningly beautiful.  There are family and quiet camping areas, plenty of space for camper vans and caravans and the friendly security staff make sure everyone stays safe.
  • Amazing for families.  I took my son to his first Larmer Tree aged just 6 months but last year I met baby Archie (See the photo gallery) who was at his first festival aged just 6 weeks.  I also met a grandma in her 80’s.  The Larmer Tree has an incredible array of entertainment for your little cherubs no matter what their age.
  • Larmer Tree copes brilliantly if the weather is less than ideal.  OK, like anywhere that has a very high footfall it can get muddy if it’s wet but aside from the main stage all the other stages are under cover, the kids area’s are under cover.
  • Everyone is so friendly, and I do mean everyone, security, stewards, staff, food and drink retailers, everyone.  You cannot fail to have a smile on your face at the Larmer Tree.

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  • The Food.  You name it and you can get it here, well everything bar Burger King or McDonalds.  The range of food on offer is staggering and by festival standards it is reasonably priced.  Last year had delights from Morocco, India, Mexico and the Orient, and for the carnivores amongst you there will be beautifully prepared organic meats, roast dinners and hearty pies to satisfy your appetite.  There is also an excellent range of vegan and vegetarian food available
  • Support local:  The Larmer Tree has a very long history of supporting local, from the farmers market, the street market to supporting local musical and visual art.  There are plenty of local crafts for sale and there is always plenty of local talent on show.
  • The Secret Garden.  This amazing area has so much to offer.  there is a mind boggling array of spa, health and holistic treatments on offer.  You can even pre-book your massage and take an hour out from the frantic festival life to really kick back and relax.
  • The entertainment.  The festival always has a very eclectic music and comedy lineup.  Musically you will not find the huge names at the Larmer Tree.  Be realistic for a moment this is a boutique style festival.  Numbers are restricted to around 5,000 so the budget has to be realistic.  What you will get is a huge range of different styles of music.  Many of the acts will be familiar, especially if you are a festival fan.  The Street theatre is the best anywhere, by a very very long way.  The comedy lineup is always great and the range of workshops etc on offer is simply incredible.
  • Last but by no means least this year is the Larmer Tree Festivals Silver Jubilee.  I don’t have any insider information as to what surprises lay in wait in celebration of this landmark.  You can be certain that there will be some very pleasant surprises to delight us.

I have no doubt that this year will be a very special one for the Larmer Tree Festival.  I hope to be able to report from the site.  Why don’t you come and join me?  You certainly won’t regret it and it just may prove to be the best decision you make this year.

You can buy tickets for this years festival here.

You can find out more about the festival, including the lineup here.

Follow The festival on Twitter at: @larmertreefest and on Facebook

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