Irish Punk: a journey with good friends and struggles

An interesting but inaccurate piece that I will discuss in detail tomorrow


Dylan Haviland – General Assignment Reporter 

In the midst of the early 1980s, the renowned punk bands Dead Kennedys and Black Flag were establishing their roots in music.  The world was being introduced to a style that was young, energetic, and musically innovative.

As American punk grew, across the Atlantic Irish punk became an enthralling musical experience that combined Celtic influences with ferocious rock.

Irish punk involves a collaboration of classic punk instruments such as guitar, bass and drums but also brings in traditional instruments like the fiddle, mandolin, bagpipes and accordion.

The combination of both groups creates a genre that is in tune with the American punk scene, but also retains its own authenticity: a fluid combination of traditional playing styles that speaks of everyday life.

The foundation of Irish punk lies partially within the band The Pogues, formed in London, 1982.  Their frontman, Shane MacGowan, provided a stimulating…

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