Weekly Photo Challenge – Movement

This weeks photo challenge is to express movement.

Movement is something I want to experiment with a lot more in the coming months but here are a few ideas that I had.

The feature image captures the clouds and movement of the sea using a 10 stop neutral density  filter to allow a long exposure time.

The first shot shows the sea breaking against the rocks whilst seagulls swoop around.  A fast shutter speed was used to capture the splashes.

Beach 03 March-4

The second shot shows my dogs splashing around in the sea, again a reasonably fast shutter speed was needed to capture the splashes.

Worbarrow Bay

Worbarrow Bay

The final shot is of post-punk rock band Slaves.  This was a very difficult shot as low light, no flash and the need for a very fast camera speed to freeze movement and coping with the smoke to grab good focus is a challenge for any photographer and his to her equipment.

Slaves Portsmouth Pyramid Centre

Slaves Portsmouth Pyramid Centre

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