Doozer McDooze

Lets get back to the music [Video] – Doozer McDooze

It may have escaped your notice but the UK has an election next week.  It looks like being the most difficult to predict election in generations.  The reason is pretty straightforward really.

No-one in the UK would trust a politician as far as they can spit.  Scandal after scandal and broken promise after broken promise is the lot of the UK electorate.

Doozer McDooze is releasing his song “I Think Politician’s Should Be Put On Minimum Wage” as a single on Monday.  the idea being to make a protest and send a message to the politicians that the electorate is not happy.  Check out the song and then go buy it, lets help Doozer send a message!

You can buy the single on Bandcamp on iTunes  or on Amazon

Sing out here if you want to be heard!

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