WoahNows – Understanding and Everything Else – album review


Understanding And Everything Else

Big Scary Monsters Records



Punk music is a lot of things, often fast, frenetic, energetic, anarchic and a host of other things, but in my book there is one element that is essential in punk music.  No matter how serious the message or disaffected the messenger punk music should be fun.

For long time fans of punk music it is great to see that the genre is slowly but surely fighting it’s way back to the surface as an antidote to the safe, bland, cosy pop churned out by so many of those who dominate todays music scene.

Plymouth based trio WOAHNOWS are hitting into a scene that seems to be gathering pace with bands like the Slaves, Palma Violets and Gnarwolves blowing the dust off a very stale scene.  They all share a formula, high energy turbo charged music that has something to say and it hits you with a force that makes you want to sit up and listen.

WOAHNOWS debut disc is full of hooks and earworms, catchy course lines and interesting lyrics.  You can’t help but get drawn in and you feel yourself warming to the band as each song passes.  there is much to like in this frantic paced belter of a debut, its full of fuzzy driving guitar licks, thumping bass lines and it is infectious.  So much so that I play the whole thing on repeat time and again.

The discs 11 tracks may weigh in at just over 31 minutes but the pace never lets up.  It seems a shame to pick favourite tracks but for me at least “Life In Reverse” with its Buzzcocks like feel and its message of disaffection and anthemic bridge is a standout.  So too are “Watching Accidents” and album closer “Breathing Games” but in truth there are no weak tracks.

If you like your music to be a frenzied, joyful, fun and exciting blend of heavy distorted guitars and great lyrics then you don’t need to look much further than this band. Their raucous blend of skill and mayhem will appeal to fans of bands like the Buzzcocks and the Ramones or if you are not 100 years old then fans of Green Day, All Time Low and Fall Out Boy then you will love WOAHNOWS.  

WOAHNOWS are already attracting support at BBCR1, Amazing Radio, Rock Sound, DIY, Artrocker, The 405 and more, and with the reemergence of punk this could be a big year for the band.  Certainly on the back of this release they are sure to be getting a lot more attention.  This release could just be the Sound of the summer.

Woahnows are:
Tim Rowing Parker – guitar & vocals
Adam Wherly – drums
Dan James – bass

They are on Facebook and Tweet as @Woahnows   You can by the album at the web store

You can catch them live throughout the summer at:

9th May – Bristol – Deadpunk Special
10th May – Tiger Lounge, Manchester (w/Beach Slang)
11th May – Sticky Mike’s, Brighton (w/ Beach Slang)
12th May – The Stillery, London (w/ Beach Slang)
15th May – The Great Escape 2015, Pavilion Tavern, Brighton
16th May – The Lexington, London (w/ Great Cynics)
17th May – Zoersel, JH JoeNiz – Belgium
19th May – Mainz – Kulturcafe – Germany
20th May – Luzern – House show – Switzerland
21st May – Freiburg – KTS – Germany
22nd May – Paris – This Is My Fest – France (w/ Apologies, I Have None & more)
23rd May – Köln – Privat – Germany
24th May – Münster – Baracke – Germany
1st June – The Junction, Plymouth (w/Lemuria)
10th July – 2000 Trees Festival, Cheltenham
18th July – Truck Festival, Steventon
31st July – Y Not Festival, Matlock

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