One Direction

15-year-old One Direction Fan Auctions Her Virginity to Buy Gig Tickets

My God.  Can this story actually be true???

Just when you thought One Direction fandom has thrown all it possibly can at you along comes a story that shakes you to the core. According to a story in the Stately Harold a 15-year-old Swedish girl is auctioning her virginity so as to be able to afford to attend every One Direction show for the rest of this years “On The Road Again” tour.

7 thoughts on “15-year-old One Direction Fan Auctions Her Virginity to Buy Gig Tickets

  1. joyroses13

    HIppy, I almost didn’t reply to your post for I really don’t want to start an argument, but there are some things my heart has to say and than I am done. Here in the United States she is a minor, and that’s what I was thinking. You are right people do sell their bodies all the time, BUT….as Sound of Summer says the concerning part is Why! Even if she is not a minor in Sweden, she is still not an adult! But yet she is doing adult things and making decisions that will follow her in life. I am sorry but Human Trafficking is becoming a huge problem everywhere. People taking innocent children and selling them to the highest bidder for a life of danger and pain!! This may be her own decision, but she is degrading herself, her body should be priceless! Not something that can be sold!! Plus she is putting herself in danger! My parents heart says HOW can you let your child endanger herself! You compare this to the military!!! The military risk their lives to help save other lives, for great causes. There is no comparison! Yeah, a lot of people do it, doesn’t make it right. Work?? Yeah, I realize how many do it for money that many are trapped into it. Take any young elementary, junior high kid and ask them what they want to do when they grow up? What their dreams are? Guarantee you won’t get selling my body as an answer! Sorry, but it breaks my heart!

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    1. The Sound of Summer Post author

      I 100% agree with every word you have said. Sure, this kid made her own choice, but is it the choice of a rational clear thinking mature person. I don’t think so.
      My son is just a year or so older and I was discussing this with him today. He simply shook his head in disbelief that someone would stoop to this over a silly pop act.
      If this were my child I would be beside myself. I totally understand that sometimes people are driven to sell themselves through addiction or desperation. I even understand how high class call girls or rent boys do it for the money.
      In my view prostituting oneself over something so trivial is beyond belief.


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  2. reallyoldhippy

    Joy: she is NOT a minor. And, as she says, it’s her body, she should be allowed to do with it what she will. I don’t understand the morality that holds sex in a special place – people of all ages sell their bodies all the time. It’s called work. Sometimes the work is perilous or a danger to others – I’m thinking of the military – but only sex draws the gasps. 😦


  3. joyroses13

    This totally has me shaking my head in disgust for the parents and in pity for the young girl!! And if One Direction has any sense of decency they will speak out against it!! I am not saying that I don’t hold the girl responsible for what she is wanting to do. But lets face it she is 15, a minor! Her parents can stop her from making a mistake that could ruin the rest of her life! She says she doesn’t care now if this ruins her reputation, apparently this girl has no self worth now and that’s why she can say this. This girl needs to be told that her body is worth a heck of a lot more than concert tickets!!! The concerts will be over and what will she be left with???

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