It’s My Birthday – I Have A Wish – Could You Help Me Achieve It??

Today has been a lovely day.  It is my Birthday and I have reached the ripe old age of 54.  I don’t feel like I am 54, sometimes I feel like I am only 18, sometimes I feel like I am 81.  I feel very lucky, I have my physical health and most of the time I am on top of my depression.  Life is pretty good.

By coincidence my blog also also had its birthday last week.  It is now a year old and it already has some mileage under it’s belt.  I those 12 months I have built my blog from nothing to having over 46,000 during the month of May 2015.  Truth be told it has surpassed all of my expectations.  I have built a good following, built some good friendships both online and in real life as a result of my blogging.  It has lead to networking with PR companies, bands and festivals and has lead to a huge increase in my proficiency as a photographer.

After my retirement I started the blog as a hobby and it has already grown beyond all expectations.  However I really do love what I do, so much so that I would love to continue to expand.  That’s were you come in.

It would be great to collaborate with other music bloggers to the benefit of both blogs.  My idea is this, if I could get other people guest writing on my blog then I could also write on theirs.  This would mean that the number of posts on collaborators blogs would increase and hopefully traffic would increase too.  We would all be introduced to more artists and provide even more support for the artists we love.

My interests are primarily in punk, post punk, celtic, rock, folk and folk rock music but I am willing to look beyond that.

Of course you don’t have to be a WordPress blogger, I would be happy to have best contributors from any walk of life.  If you would be interested in such a collaboration let me know on alan(at) and we can work it out.

Cheers and here’s to the next year and beyond.

PS. The little lady in the photo is Faye.  Like me she loves her music festivals.  I met her and her parents at a festival last week and she wanted to take a selfie with me 🙂

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