Blind Fever Band

Blind Fever Band at Bearded Theory – Friday 22nd May 2015

The Blind Fever Band were formed in Mansfield in 2011 by Steve Townsend and Kev Hubbell.  The guys come from different musical backgrounds and draw their influences from right across the musical spectrum.  They cite blues, folk, country, punk, rock and cider as amongst their influences.

As time has gone on the band has expanded with Dom Basheck on guitar and laterally both Dave and Brad Drury joining to form a formidable rhythm section.  As might be imagined from a band that utilise banjo’s washboards, snare drums and just about anything else they can bring to hand their sound is a heady mix of blues, skiffle, bluegrass and old time country blues.

The Blind Fever Band made a great addition to this years Bearded theory festival bringing their unique twist on Hill-Billy blues to the beautiful woodland stage.  The band have matured since I heard them and reviewed their Debut EP last year.  They have just released their first full length album which I will be reviewing very shortly on these pages.  In the meantime enjoy some photographs of the band.

Sing out here if you want to be heard!

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