Download Festival

Download Festival – Excitement Builds With Less Than A Week To Go

I am not sure why but I am absolutely bursting with excitement about Download Festival.

For those of you who may not know about Download it takes place at Donnington Park in England’s East Midlands.  In fact it is right next to east Midlands airport, it is centrally located, easy to get to and is the UK’s premier Rock and Metal festival.

To be honest whilst I am a fan of some of the bands playing but, like a lot of festivals, there are a lot of bands I know nothing about.  This years biggest acts are headliners Slipknot, Muse and Kiss and the second tier headliners Motley Crue, Faith No More and Judas Priest.  I have seen a few of these bands before  but to be brutally honest I am more likely to be found at punk gigs than watching metal bands.  Punk is unquestionably my first love.

My son will be with me for the festival and we will be en-route as soon as he finishes his last exam paper on Thursday.  One of my photographer friends is also attending and we will both be shooting at the same stage.  I look forward to that as it’s always great to catch up with friends.  I will also see a few press types that I have met on my travels around the festivals.

None of these things explain why I am so excited about this festival, after all it is but one of many that I will be attending this year.  I think it might be because I have not actually ever been to this festival before.  It will be a new experience and largely a new group of people for me to network with.  I think the fact that the organisation is so slick and professional as well.  The festival provides a press and guest only car park, a press and guest camping area and a press area with its own bar and all of the facilities required for reporting on a major music event.

Having worked at a lot of festivals in the last couple of years this definitely looks like the best organised I have been involved in.  Hopefully I will be able to blog live from the site so keep your eyes open at the end of next week for reports and photographs.

Now I just need to ensure that I get the correct balance between working and enjoying the festival because I can’t remember the last time I was quite so excited about a music festival.

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