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Love Zombies – Download Festival -review

Love Zombies - Download Festival -reviewBack in March I made the trek from the South Coast of England all the way to Glasgow to see the punk legends Stiff Little Fingers.  The gig at Glasgow Barrowlands is legendary and I had been looking forward to it for months.

Support band for the evening was the Love Zombies.  A fellow SLF fan told me that he had seen the Love Zombies on a couple of occasions and really liked them.  He described them as high energy and full of fun.  I have to be honest, on that evening I wasn’t terribly impressed.  Now to be fair I wasn’t all that impressed with Stiff Little Fingers either.  The following evening I saw the Mahones and Dropkick Murphys in the same venue and wasn’t impressed with them either.

The reason was simple.  The sound in Glasgow Barrowlands was the worst I have ever heard in any major concert venue.  It was dire, the mix was muddy, the vocals lost and the distortion was appalling.  I don’t know who the sound engineer was but he or she must have had mud in their ears. The sound totally ruined what should have been two fabulous nights of high quality entertainment.

When I saw that Love Zombies were playing at Download I was keen to check them out again in a different environment.  What a difference it was!  I thought the sound at Download was brilliant all weekend and I loved the lineup on Jakes stage.

Download Love Zombies-7

From the moment Love Zombies hit the stage it was clear that they were gonna have fun.  Vocalist Hollis is a bundle of energy who charges around the stage like a Tasmanian Dust Devil.  In many ways she reminds me of Cyndi Lauper who she cites as an influence.  Hollis performs in that same  wacky, outlandish and slightly weird way that Lauper did and she brings the same sense of fun.

Love Zombies play that same kind of powerful pop punk too.  Whilst there is no doubt that Hollis provides a great focus for Love Zombies the contribution of the band should not be underestimated.  Like any punk band worth it’s salt thumping drum rolls and a pulsing bass line are the heart of the sound.  Chuck in two guitars playing catchy riffs and hook laden choruses, add a sprinkle of fun and a dash of crazy and you have the formula for good old fashioned punk fun.

Love Zombies grabbed the crowd from the off and had the opportunity to showcase their latest 3 song EP “Be Honest”.  Sadly they only had time for six or seven songs in their 25 minute set but man it was good whilst it lasted.

The band line-up now looks to be settled and with Hollis’s energy and the support from the rest of the band it won’t be long before Love Zombies move from support slots with the likes of SLF and L7 to headlining their own tours.  They are certainly made from the right stuff.

Love Zombies Be Honest EP is available here.  They are on Facebook and tweet as @LoveZombiesband



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