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Beartooth: Download Festival – photo review

Beartooth are an American metal core band out of Columbus Ohio.  Formed by Caleb Shomo in 2012 after he quit Attack Attack!  Shomo had begun writing material for Beartooth before he left Attack Attack and  the bands material is very much an outlet for Shomo’s creativity, Beartooth’s material is deeply personal, at times harrowing and often brutal.  In many ways Beartooth’s music gives you a glimpse into the darkest recesses of Shomo’s soul.

Onstage Beartooth perform with an intensity that, quite frankly, leaves you shaken and emotionally drained.  A Beartooth show puts you through the full range of emotions.  During Beartooth’s short set they played seven songs from their debut album “Disgusting.”  In just seven tracks Beartooth deal with child abuse, alcoholism and drug abuse.

Beartooth’s lineup is a strong one, Lumley and Bradbury certainly shred the guitar parts.  It’s harsh, it’s pumping it’s loud and it’s intense.  The rhythm section of Bichar and Mullins drive the sound with a dark, heavy almost threatening beat, but it is Shomo who holds your focus.  His eyes blaze with intensity as he growls the lyrics at you. Make no mistake Beartooth are the real deal, for me they sit very much at the punk end of metal core.  The punk attitude just screams at you, pulls you in and leaves you drained.

For me Beartooth were one of the best bands of a weekend of superb music.  I look forward to getting to know their music much better and to seeing them again as soon as possible.

Beartooth are on the Internet here, They are on Facebook and they tweet as @BEARTOOTHband

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