Stray from the path

Stray From The Path: Download Festival – photo review

I am one of those people who likes to think that they are fairly up to date with the music scene.  I attend numerous festivals and gigs, I am always on the hunt for new bands to love and as an ageing punk I am certainly open to almost any kind of rock music.

Having attended last weeks Download Festival one thing that became apparent to me is that I know diddly squat about the hardcore scene in the USA.  This is something I intend to put right, starting with the long list of U.S. based hardcore and metal core bands bands that I introduced myself to last weekend.

Another of those bands was the brilliant Stray From The Path.  The four piece band out of Long Island New York already have no less than seven albums under their belt and the eighth is due out on August 14.  Like most of the best punk bands Stray From The Path feature the classic punk band lineup.  Guitar, Bass, Drums and vocal.  Their sound is also fairly standard, driving guitars over a thumping bass and rolling drums.  Drew Yorks vocal helps to add a layer of complexity and variety to the overall sound.

As you would expect the bands performance is intense and energetic and the band connect with the enthusiastic crowd right from the beginning of their eight track set.  I have to say that the one thing I would change about download would to be to give the acts on the smaller stage a longer set.  Most bands only had 25 – 30 minutes and when you discover a band like Stray From The Path that is nowhere near long enough.  A 45 minute set would mean fewer change overs and therefore more time enjoying music.

Stray From The Path are well worth checking out if. like me, you are not already familiar with their music.

Stray From The Path are on the Internet here, on Facebook and they tweet as @strayfromdapath

Sing out here if you want to be heard!

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