Post Festival Blues In Song

The summer is all but gone.

The Southern part of the UK is today caught in the tail end of some tropical storm or other.  It is just after 2PM and I have a the lights on indoors because it is so dark.  I was just contemplating the end of this years music festival season.

Admittedly I have one little grass roots festival still to attend and there are a few one day indoor events to come, but they do not match the feeling of being in a muddy field with good friends, good ale and, who knows maybe even a touch of the sun on your back.

I got to thinking about festival songs and which songs capture the essence of music festivals.  Two immediately sprang to mind.  One is probably the ultimate festival song, the song that immortalises probably the greatest festival ever held.  Woodstock!  The song that captures the ultimate summer of  love.  Check out the original by the wonderful Joni Mitchell and an equally fantastic version by Crosby Still & Nash.  They are very different but equally wonderful.

The third song is by grassroots festival stalwart and all round great bloke Doozer McDooze.  Doozer is one of those artists who really connects with people, he is everyones friend and works incredibly hard to keep a roof over his head, living life his way and spreading a bit of joy wherever he goes.  I love this song.

Sing out here if you want to be heard!

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