I Just Don’t Get It – American Football

OK, I have to admit I just don’t get it.  How on earth do people get excited about [American] football.  Seriously why would you watch it?  If you thought cricket was dull then just settle down and watch a few hours of this total borefest.

For a start it isn’t football.  You don’t use your foot to connect with the ball so how on earth can it be called football.  Oh, and another thing,  the elliptical object that the men throw around from hand to hand isn’t even a ball.

So you have all these big guys who wear three times their own body weight in armour, all so as they can bump into each other from a range of 18 inches.


Comparative protection

Apparently the idea is that you move the elliptical object forward by 10-yards in four goes.  In between each attempt everything stops for TV advertisements and a game takes about six weeks to finish.  It has to be the most boring game known to man, or is it?

Lets face it if you want excitement just switched the rugby world cup an you will see real men playing a real sport, 80 minutes of non-stop excitement and physicality.

Just have a look at this

3 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Get It – American Football

  1. gigsandbandsdotcom

    I’ve loved NFL since the early 1980s when it started being shown on the new channel 4.

    I agree though that watching the whole game in real time gets really boring.

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