college football

I Just Don’t Get It – College Football

If you saw my recent post questioning the sanity of people who find the NFL even moderately interesting it won’t surprise you to hear that college football totally bemuses me.

If the NFL ranks as one of the most boring things on the face of Gods green earth could someone explain to me why on earth people would pay to watch a bunch of overgrown schoolboys play the same game.

I guess the UK equivalent would be inter-university rugby matches.  In the UK these games, with one exception, are watched by three men and a dog.  Yet thousands of people pay to watch college football.  The only inter university rugby match that attracts a crowd is the annual Oxford V Cambridge match and the only reason that game attracts a crowd is because it is played at twickenham and people go to get drunk.  No-one cares who wins (not even the players), in fact most people probably couldn’t even tell you the result much less the score afterwards.

Seriously!  College football.  I am beginning to think that you Americans are all bonkers.  Someone please explain.

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