Worbarrow Bay

Weekly Photo Challenge V2- Happy place

I feel like a bit of a fraud as this is my second post on this weeks Photo Challenge – Happy Place.  The problem is that Dorset is such a beautiful county that it is hard to select just one wonderful place.

These pictures are from the beautiful but abandoned village of Tyneham.  The village was occupied until 1943 when the UK Government ordered the villagers to leave their homes as the area was to become a military range, needed for training in preparation for the D-Day landings.  The villagers quit believing that one day they would be able to return.  They never did and the area is still used as a training range for tanks and armoured vehicles.  The church and schoolroom are now memorials to what most have been an idyllic way of life.  My wife and I visited for the first time in years on December 29th last year.  We had the village to ourselves.

The village and nearby Worbarrow Bay are so peaceful.  In the evening you can hear the nightingales sing and the area is so quite it is like stepping into a different, more peaceful world (well it is when the tanks are not firing).  I hope you like the pictures.  You can find out more about Tyneham here.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge V2- Happy place

  1. Saxon

    Somebody needs to bomb the villages website and start again. That was painful, even for a forgiving history buff like me. Speaking of bombs (you know unexploded ones) do you think that is why you had the village to yourself? haha A follow from me too. I checked out your site and we love the exact same topics although I don’t have a camper van. Look forward to following your journey 🙂



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