Confront Your Own Mortality – Today! Now!

Lets get something straight right from the off.  This not one of those “woe is me, look how tough my life is” type of posts.  Far from it.  Think of it as an invitation, a reminder, a timely piece of advice from a well meaning friend.

To date 2015 has been a funny old year for me.  I have spent much of the year rushing around from music festival to music festival.  I have had a great time for the most part.  It has been a lot of fun.  I have been lucky enough to spend a huge amount of time with good friends and with my family doing the things I  love to do.

Despite all of the good things that I have been touched by this year you know that pain and heartache is never far away.  2015 has brought me my fair share of that too.  I have lost a cousin to breast cancer, she was still short of her 50th birthday.  My wife and I lost our best man to prostate cancer I have lost a couple of friends unexpectedly, one to cancer one to a heart problem.

Earlier today I learned that an old mate has been hit with health problems.  he went into hospital to have stents fitted as a result of a heart problem and had a stroke during the operation.  So what is the point?  We all know that illness and death can strike at any time and yet we all seem to have this misplaced sense of assurance that it will not happen to us.  These are things that happen to others.  Guess what, it ain’t so.

I urge you to think about this.  Think about your mortality.  Are their things you have always wanted to do but have found a reason not to do it?  We all know the excuses.  I’m too busy, I can’t afford it, the time isn’t right.  Whatever the excuse is all too often we find a way to stop ourselves from doing things we aspire to.  Just stop it.  Find a way to make things that are important to you happen.  Find a way to live your dreams.  Do not allow life to stop you living.

You know that friend you have been meaning to call?  Call them, say hi and arrange to visit each other.  That trip you have been putting off, plan it and book it.  This life is not a rehearsal.  You only have one life, live it.

Lets face it you will be dead for a very long time.  Always remember you are here for a good time, not for a long time.

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